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LTE SIM Activation

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Hi, I've been waiting for over a week to activate my LTE Sim card. I Called 081180 5 times and was first told to wait 24 hours,I did that; then I was told to wait 48 Hours,I did that too; then I was told, on a Friday Afternoon, to wait 72 Working Hours for the sim to be activated. How long does it take to activate my sim? Is there no way or No One Willing and/or Capable of helping Me? Im losing out on using my data, My case number is 21631243 .


It is Now 2 weeks since I started to call Telkom and I've still had no progress with my problem. I have spoken to Gontse at the Telkom Direct Store,who told me that the System shows that I haven't received my Package when in Fact I Did & that Rathabele Ngcobo( would be in contact and that within a day it would be sorted,still hasn't been sorted;then the 10th call to the Customer service, I was told that my number was given to another person,how does that work? I've calculated that it has been 21 days/3 weeks exactly to tell me that the next person or that by the next day I will be helped,Can I please Be Assisted?


3rd Update: I entered my fault Number into the site everyday since I Logged it and Today it is Mysteriously Resolved,but when I put my Router On, lo and behold the Sim still doesn't connect. Telkom has solved my Problem by Not solving it, does anyone here know what I'm to do now? 

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