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LTE Services On and Off with Pathetic Speeds ... if any???

We have been using Telkom LTE with a Huawei B315s Router for well over a year now.

Connectivity and Speed have always been unreliable, but lately it's up and down continuously with Speedtests hardly ever reaching above 1Mbps upload.

We have a Capped LTE Package with 100Gb Daytime and 100Gb nighttime, that costs around a R1000 per month.

Apparently there is no actual Telkom LTE coverage in our area, so we roam from tower to tower, piggy-backing off of other service providers.

How do we go about getting Telkom to come and check our signal coverage and put up a booster???

Surely this is a fair request given that we have already spent well over R 10,000.00 on these services, albeit that they have never been great, but now it's reached a ridiculous point.


All of our settings appear to be 100%, we have 2 fully-functioning Huawei LTE Routers and the device firmware is up to date.


Please help?

Antenna Settings.pngDevice Information.pngNetwork Settings.pngProfile Management.pngRouter Home 2G.pngTR-069 Settings.png

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