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LTE Smartbroadband Uncapped Package



I received my b315 router and simcard for the above package on the 23 June2016.  I called the call centre advising them i have not received the external antenna.  They logged a case, case number 19189255 on the 24 June 2016.  To this date, i have not got a call from the technician for installation of the external antenna.  Note i have not received the external antenna as well.  The call centre keep saying the case is being attended to and it has been escalated but yet i am not receiving any feedback.  Please assist.  Thank you

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Re: LTE Smartbroadband Uncapped Package

Hi @Shailen. I have escalated this to Online sales to look onto where your antenna is. 


For service queries use - How to get help



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Re: LTE Smartbroadband Uncapped Package

Thank you.  Awaiting feedback

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