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LTE Throttling towards the end of the month

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I have an LTE 100 Gig package and have noticed the internet speeds getting slower from about the 20th of the month. I still have 58 Gig left and am no where near my cap. As I write this my internet speed is .6 Mbit/s and sometime drops to .2 Mbit/s. On the 1st of the month the speed magically jumps overnight to about 15 Mbit/s and behaves well until the last 10 days of the month. I am measuring and tracking this daily. What on earth is Telkom playing at ? No one can give me an answer when I phone for help. Anyone else having a similar issue. If this continues I think that it is grounds to cancel the 2 year contract based on Telkom not delivering what was agreed upon. I would like to stay with Telkom because when it works it's great.  It is very frustrating !!!!

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