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LTE Tower Issue refference: 21109326

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Good Day Telkom ,


I've been experiencing an LTE issue in my area for the past 14 days now with process followed (logging of tickets , contacting the call center and going in store for assistance) I've not come right or been assisted in anyway, I've been in direct communication with the Telkom social media handles with replies saying they will contact me however for 14 days this has been the case and no one has reached out.

Below is a mail I sent to an in-store engineer who I was told to email (in which i've recieved no feedback)

Good Day France, I trust you are well.


I spoke to Lerato at the store yesterday making mention of my issue and several people whom are affected by poor LTE service due to an issue with the communicated Tower, she mentioned I can email you as you are the engineer and would be able to assist and fix our issue.

 On Monday the 1st of August 2017 our LTE speeds dropped to a staggering 300kb down and 50kb up this is in comparison to 30 mb down and 10 mb up,since then the clients copied in this mail have experienced a tremendous drop in speed."


What did I do?

As per process I reached out to Telkom call centre in which they mentioned they logged a call to networks and will receive feedback (20020051 and 19140049) with no feedback received I reached out to Twitter/Facebook  and hellopeter (https://www.hellopeter.com/telkom/reviews/poor-response-and-support-ltefail-2323274) thinking that they would push and assist as per their direct replies to myself and few other users copied in this mail, with no response I logged another query based on the same issue being :21109326



With no response or help from Telkom networks i tested my devices currently affected to a resident in Ridgeway south whom has the LTE uncapped package as well, testing my LTE devices and uncapped package speeds normalise and the "LTE" speeds were back to normal, once i returned to my residency in Kibler Parkmy speeds fell back to 300 kB  and below with pings exceeding 300 ms a clear indicator that the issue sits with the Kibler Park tower that my respective devices are talking to.


My Contract is currently due for upgrade or carry ove and at this point im sure as Telkom you cant expect me to carry on paying 599 and not recieve:


1. The Actual product icontractually signed and agreed to.

2. Support or Assistance.


Refference Numbers:

AI2856582 (from Noleen i.e. Social Media Team)

21109326 (Open Ticket)


Kindly reach out so we can solve this issue and move forward..


Please reach out so i can get this sorted out (i've attached all comms and speedtests 

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