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LTE Uncapped Package connectivity

I am experiencing network disconnects from LTE at least 4 times a day since inception of my service. Is this a regular occurence?

I have placed numerous tickets which get closed even though nobody from TELKOM has made an appearance or even called as promised. I am in the Glenanda area south of Joburg.

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Re: LTE Uncapped Package connectivity

@Pitty is there a general signal issue at you home? just a couple of rudimentary solutions that might work:


  • if the 'Network Mode' on your router is set to 'auto' - change it to 'LTE Only'
  • try different positions/locations of the router - to a place that gives you the strongest cellular and data signal
  • although somewhat unlikley to be the cause - check your antivirus. Free Avast is a pretty good basic antivirus if you need one. Or choose another one from here
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Re: LTE Uncapped Package connectivity

[ Edited ]

Thanx for the reply,


Mode is LTE Only

Attached to an antenna so I dont think moving it around should make a difference.

Dont think AV can affect my signal strength

Also not trying to get a fix for my problem just want to know from anybody else in the area

if they are experiencing similar disconnects.

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Re: LTE Uncapped Package connectivity

So after my connection dropped 5 times yesterday I found a solution.

Bought an MTN LTE Data bundle and a dongle and have not dropped once today.

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