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LTE Uncapped Signal not Stable

My signal has been throttled and its only 6.11.2016.


The first call centre agent told me that i have exceeded Fair Usage Policy.


I called back the 2nd time and asked first how much data have i used. This call centre agent told me that the data has not even been used.

My next question was "why is my signal being throttled then".
She told me I'm on the wrong signal and that a Data Technician will be able to **bleep**ist me with my connection.


The 3rd call centre agent tried desperately to help but could not.

She later told me that Technicians do not work on weekends.

I don't how this can be as this is a massive service that Telkom is offering and surely Technicians should be available to **bleep**ist on weekends.


So this weekend I have had no signal - no Online Gaming - no Wi Fi Connection and paying R799 for this ridiculous service.


(for the record i phoned 9 times to the call centre and 2 times to an online chat agent - nothing worked!!!)

WhyTelkom ... Why???

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Re: LTE Uncapped Signal not Stable



have the same problem with my uncapped LTE, called telkom several times and also was told that I used the FUP. Yet on my account it shows that I have 295GB to use before my FUP is up. TElKOM just say what they feel like , the only thing the call centre staff can do is to tell you as the client they are sorry and reboot your device. My friend stays 3 houses down from me we use the same LTE tower and he has no issues, the only difference is that he doesn't have uncapped LTE. 

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Re: LTE Uncapped Signal not Stable


I'm experiencing the exact same problem on the uncapped LTE Hauwei B315s router. It has only started happening recently. I never go over their FUP, but my connection randomly drops 3-4 times a day. I've contacted Telkom last week-I'm still waiting for a technician to get back to me. Everytime it happens, I have to physically go and reset the device. My service number is 19838233.
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