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LTE Uncapped Wireless broadband

From this link: unlimited-broadband are areas that are covered for LTE Uncapped wireless internet. Why is it that there's LTE coverage for areas that not on the coverage map. How do I get a technician to come test if Im covered(I've tried logging the request online and there has been no reply). My place is a few meters away from the covered area. 


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Re: LTE Uncapped Wireless broadband

@Day365 you dont want to get a wireless connection if you are on the outskirts of the coverage. When more people sign up, that footprint shrinks, called cell breathing, at at that stage you will start getting bad signal.

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Re: LTE Uncapped Wireless broadband



I have a B593 LTE router and live in PTA East. Since a few days ago I only seem to be getting 3G (Green light flickering). Is this a network thing or my signal - as you mentioned it decreases if more peple sign up?


 What I want to know is, is there a type of antenna that I can install that will increase my signal/reception? I have been told by telkom there is no device that can help for this, but see on the internet there are antennas available.


PTA East is a bit on the edge of the network coverage on LTE, but if I get an antenna it will surely help?


Thanks for any comments/help in advance!

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