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Re: LTE Uncapped Wireless broadband

[ Edited ]

I got it at R799 as the 599 and 699 promotions were finished, only applied last week for it online so my fault really. The store does handle this promotion as It's advertised in the store and the router an antenna was stocked with them, they did the credit check on their system which took 5mins.


When I signed they still had about 10 routers left


I went at 6pm as the telkom store close to me only closes at 7pm

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Re: LTE Uncapped Wireless broadband

Thanks for this @Beamo


I will try a few other Telkom Stores.


I've already been to Ballito and Gateway in Durban, they didn't know what I was talking about even after showing them the promo online.




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Re: LTE Uncapped Wireless broadband

On this, when you went to the store what documentation did you require ?

I left work early last Monday and went to the store, it was about 5 but it

seemed the sales person was tired or not interested, i called the morning and

asked what was required, the person told me ID and proof of residence.

When i get there the idiot tells me a 3 months bank statement is must.

I was seriously cheesed off.

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Re: LTE Uncapped Wireless broadband


3 months bank statements (atm only gave me 2 months but they accepted it)



Proof of residence(Doesn't matter if you already have a telkom line with them apparently)

You must also already have a ticket number from sucessfully applying online

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Re: LTE Uncapped Wireless broadband

@Jonathan That's bad luck, luckily the telkom store I went to handled mobile as well, not sure if a regular store stocks it.

Maybe try a telkom mobile store as it is LTE, I also went to a Telkom mobile store before getting the promotion to ask about it and they were pretty clued up

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