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LTE - Why Advertise what you dont want to sell

I have purchased online more than 2 x the LTE 15G special.

It has been a week and no email , call nothing from TELKOM.

Try and call in , you will wait forever and still not get through .


All I would like from TELKOM , would you like to sell me the product or not ?


p.s I even left my cell number for them to call me ????????

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Re: LTE - Why Advertise what you dont want to sell

Hi @teknet, update your profile with some contact details and Private Message me once done. I will get the Online sales team to call you back and look into your orders.

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Re: LTE - Why Advertise what you dont want to sell

Still nothing from this absolutely frustrating company.


Get someone from management to actually call in and see if you actually speak to someone.

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Re: LTE - Why Advertise what you dont want to sell

I too wanted this item... telkom ran the special until the 28th and my line was scheduled to be installed on the 28th. I said that if Telkom doesn't come as scheduled then I will get this kit just so I can continue working...


Well, they were scheduled to install my line between 7:30 and 16:00 but at 18:00 we got the SMS "We have dispatched a technician". Yeah, right. Like THAT wasn't a blatant lie at all... 


Suffice it to say telkom never showed up and I had no more data left to place the order for this device. I suspected Telkom was going to simply not show up so I did ask them to call me back wayyyyyyy back at the start of the month and about a week or two later they did call me back. I said I just had one question I wanted to ask: "You say the system works with XP and mobiles etc, but it does NOT work with Win RT. Since Windows 10 is all about the universal and WinRT etc, does this mean that this device is NOT compatible with Win10 for some reason?"


If you look at the fine print, they specify a bunch of variations of supported Windows, but not 10... So I just wanted to know about that and was told "I will find out and call you back". They called back just like the line installation happened. As a result  I now do not have a phone line and this offer is over also and I am sitting without this product also...


Going off topic but still staying on topic... My wife ordered the phone line for us in her name... then I ordered the phone line for us in my name... after two weeks of waiting and still not hearing back from Telkom (apart from me getting an SMS saying my order was approved), I phoned Telkom to ask them when my line was going to be installed and they said they had no record of an order being placed. Twice we ordered a line for our property and both orders were just mystically lost... So we placed the third order for a phone line at this address and THAT was finally locked in... and not installed.


3 separate orders for a phone line in 1 month (1 phone number allocated) and 1 "call me back" for this device and still all I have is 100Mb from CellC. I wholeheartedly agree: "Why advertise something you do not want to sell?"

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