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LTE data loss

Hi there,


Has anyone been experiencing data loss by huge chunks over the last few weeks?

I currently only have my wifes cellphone and mine constantly connected to the modem. I cannot see other connections, we don't stream/upgrade or even download much but 5-10gb gets taken every morning(night surfer) and during the daytime at which point i've decided to switch the modem off while we are at work but as soon as it goes on again more data gone.


Just this morning 4gb 


I managed to get a report from telkom but it just shows the usage, no tracking to cellphone or any devices.

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Re: LTE data loss


Did you manage to sort this out? It seems to be happening with me too. This is irritating, because i spend a lot of moeny but it seems Telkom is stealing my data. I dont get what i pay for.

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