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LTE device - "repossessed"



I logged a call and they fetched my device to "investigate further".


As yet, I have attempted to contact via cell / chat and now this forum.


I was put thru to the "3rd party" repair division which apparently has my LTE modem and sim, but they apparenlty have no reference of my cell, telkom call number or even the waybill number that they picked my device up with.... not to mention my name or address as a reference ....


I called the 081 180 (back) and after 15 minutes the first time and 18 minutes the 2nd time, spoke to a call centre agent who said she would pass onto the "call centre manager". They where to call sometme after my call Mon 09/05 at 10h08. its been a day ....

and still no reply ....


Telkom call REf 18891330.



Jeff Bolt

(No relation to the Great One - Unfortunately !!)

Posts: 3

Re: LTE device - "repossessed"

I called again today .... still holding ... 11 minutes .... I hear they closed my call ... they have the device and my money and i have no service ... but they closed the call ....

Posts: 3

Re: LTE device - "repossessed"

after being on the phone with Wandile for 30 minutes  - looks like we may be getting somewhere. Thanks so far Wandile - what a pleasure to finally be getting somewhere. Kudos to you.

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