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LTE intermittent Connection in Rietfontein Pretoria

We have been struggling with LTE intermittent connection for the past two to 3 weeks the connection drops then we have to restart the modem before it works again maybe for an hour then it drops again today it is completely down in the Rietfontein Pretoria Area. I have tried to report in Vain I will reconsider before renewing my contract with Telkom it is almost impossible to report a fault on LTE!!!!!
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Re: LTE intermittent Connection in Rietfontein Pretoria

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Re: LTE intermittent Connection in Rietfontein Pretoria

Hi @Ursula123

We’re also customers in this forum , sorry can’t help much re service related issues ( no Telkom support agents here) .


Try changing your router settings from auto to manual & select Telkom  ‘4G only’ .

This link / comment might be useful: 



“I was having an LTE issue this weekend, where my router would connect to 4G or 4G+ for a few hours and then switch to 3G and disconnect. 

If i reboot the router, it sees the 4G or 4G+ signal again and connects for a few few hours and then switches to 3G and disconnects again.

This happened over and over until i went into the settings and changed the network from "Auto" to "Manual" and selected 4G Telkom and also forced it to "4G only", it has been connected ever since.”


If that doesn’t work you can call 081180 to report a fault.


Hope this helps. Good luck & please let us know what happens.

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Re: LTE intermittent Connection in Rietfontein Pretoria

Thanks so much, will definitely try this, will get back to you, because i
am still experiencing this issue😁
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