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LTE keeps losing signal

We bought the 100gb lte package in December when a salesman by the name of Thabiso came and did a site inspection for signal and speeds etc. He got around 15mb/s which is great. We waited for about a month before we got the modem (Huawei E5186). When we set it up, we were only getting 3G (full signal) which was fine for us, but the speeds were pathetic (around .5mb/s) althought the latency wasn't too bad. We had bought an 8ta 60+60gb promo in 2011 with the speeds of over 10mb/s, which was only 3 bars of 3G at the time, now we have full 3G and worse download speeds.


We tried logging a complaint about the speeds multiple times (a few times, the phone was just put down on us and the live chat was just ended for no reason) until someone by the name of Ilse said she would escalate our problem. We got an sms from Telkom stating that our problem was resolved, but there was still no difference with speeds or anything until about a month later.


We started getting 4G signal on our router (the cyan light was showing) with 4/5 bars of signal which was pretty decent with speeds of 8mb/s but the speeds were still not what the sales man achieved with his router of 15mb/s.


Im fine with the speeds we have with the LTE now, its just I have 1 big problem: The router keeps losing signal all together from 4G/LTE to 'No service', not even 3G. Sometimes the network goes to 2G, but that isn't even usable (I can't even load google with that). I phoned Technical support, but the lady couldn't wrap her head around my problem and kept stating that there is no 4G signal in my area and I should force it to use the 3G signal instead (even thought the settings are on auto)


Please can someone help me.




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Re: LTE keeps losing signal

@Aidan may look at getting a high gain antenna to boost your signal. Call them, they might even installan antenna for you.

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