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LTE singal vanished - Cape Town, parklands



So today, in this scorcher in cape towr, 7th December 2017, my internet dropped. I performed all the troubleshooting i could, i gave up and went for a swim...came back, still no's now 1am and still no LTE.


I currently have the uncapped package and im pretty satisfied....till now!!!!!


I have multiple devices at home - they all cant connect independently to the mobile network...just this one who just happens to pick 3G up somewhere..


So...i called your call centre..i was told, "just hang on sir, i'll be back now"...45 minutes later, i get routed to the voice prompt to rate the service, needless to say, i gave you the worst ratings which you deserve unfortunately.

Before i was dropped, the agent insisted i reset the wifi connection between the laptop and the router, ya, indeed this LOCAL connection is going to miraculously fix everything, and when i i told her she's wrong, ya well..i got punished by waitng for 45 minutes. Awesome service telkom!


I have moved my sim to different devices to see if maybe it will work in another -  no luck...


The LTE dongle doesnt even connect, and the sim that drops to 3G also doesnt connect on 3G.


I have done all troubleshooting possible - there is a problem either on your eNodeB's in Parklands, or there is something seriously wrong in your Packet Core in Barrack Street Exchange.


i would appreciate it if you can come back to me - and look at the possibility of getting technicians out.


So the LED is a "Steady Blue" which according to your Huawei guide, it's connected to 3G -> now again, it helps me none, because that SIM is not allowed on your 3G network.


Few comments/suggestions:


Yes, some times it is end user devices giving problems, but you seriously need to look at means to give your front end agents some visibiity into the network at all of the Mobile Core sites. (assuming you dont already, but im taking the gamble, you dont)


By means of an example, a device can be attached to a network, it may seem it's working but in fact, there's data plane usage on the core because nothing is being sent out, it could be becasue of some networking issue or something else. Agents will tell you, just wait a while...change settings, restart...but in fact its a network problem...The question is, how do you equip those agents with the visibility?


I am a full supporter of Telkom, but when i call and ask your agents, "are you aware of any entwork problems in cape town?" and they tell me "no" - then i get really concerned....most of the times, i have been 99% correct about the network issues as oppose to my device, coverage or settings...


This is a real issue guys...


Interested to hear from others in the community if similar issues were experienced in Cape Town on LTE Services.


ALso would like telkom to get back (you have the ref, you can track the affected number,your engineers have enough to do testing on that number)










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Re: LTE singal vanished - Cape Town, parklands

Hi - I have exactly the same problem since 07Dec (also in Parklands). My router mode colour is constant green ... which means connected to tower, but no internet connection. Have you had any responds from Telkom as yet? I have a case number but they say I must give it 72 hrs !!!! Work from home, so 72 hrs is a lifetime to wait!

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Re: LTE singal vanished - Cape Town, parklands

hey LTEUser2,


No response from Telkom after numerous call backs etc...the 72 hours is there standard response and adds 0 value...

I told Telkom i would like to have a technician call me and check the signal to the complex here to see if there could be a penetration issue.


Im not sure about your LED colours, but for me it was "DARK BLUE" which meant it was connecting on the 3G tower, and my sim is not allowed to connect to 3G - this is a product flaw in my opinion.


I am also working from home - so totally understand. We'll end up using the McDonald's WIFI Smiley Happy


However, i think there's  fix for us...

Im using the B513-s LTE router....but the settings should apply to any similar device..


Log into the web browser via wifi - 192.168.x.x

Dial-up --> Network Settings

Network (preferred Mode) --> Select 1800Mhz (4G only)



Keep network Search as "Auto"

This has worked for me...Let me know if you succeed!


@Telkomyou may now update your agents to include this into their knowledge base Smiley Wink




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Re: LTE singal vanished - Cape Town, parklands

Did this ever get resolved? Having the same issue.
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