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LTE speed

Good day


I have an LTE mobile contract with Telkom that I just recently upgraded to the 100GB special.


My problem is not that the speed is slow, my problem is that the moment I went back to contract, my speed dropped drastically.

See, I had a contract with telkom for three years. The speed was great, until I moved. I had countless technicians coming out, telling me I was in a zone where the speed just was that bad. This was a problem for me since I work from home and is very dependent on a good internet speed.


Once my contract expired, I carried on, on a month to month basis, and suddenly my speed was between 20 and 40 mbps. Which was great, because I do internet training and my problems were a thing of the past. I thought wonderful, telkom must have upgraded in my area, and decided to renew the contract.


Now here is where my problem came in, since I am back on contract, my speed has dropped to below 10 mbps. I know this is not slow, but as I said I train over the internet, and need really fast speed. So my question is, if it is not my area (since I got great speed when I was not on contract) what is the reason for the slower speed? It is definitely not the contract, because the lady at the shop told me the speed should be anything up to 90 mbps. Also the first weekend I had the contract the speed was still great.


Are contract customers treated differently?

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Re: LTE speed

If anyone else is having WIFI LTE speed problems, this is what I did:


Emailed Telkom and asked them to look at my account and make sure they did not give me the wrong speed

Put 2 posts on the community about the problems with the speed

Reported them on Hello Peter

Turned my router of and on (which by the way changed the DNS/WAN IP the router was running on)


Not sure if any of these actually worked, or if it was just luck, but this morning my speed is back to the 35mbps I am used to. I will keep monitoring it throughout the day and the week.

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