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LTE speed

We Are Currently Get 6-7Mb(730kbps) since we got 4 bar's LTE. Two months ago we had 2 bar's LTE with 14-17MB(1,4mbps). Just wondering What has happend since a friend who lives 100m up the road from Us Went from 3 bars LTE 30-40mb(3,5mbps) to 4 bars LTE 7-8Mb(730kps). Could Someone explain this? as what good is better signal if our actual speeds Are Worse and is there any Solution?, Because i know that Signal Strength Doesn't Determine your speed alone.

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Re: LTE speed

@Ivan1,Just checking as I see you are using different units interchangably.  There is a big difference between MB/s and Mbps - your problem here is that you have a LTE services where you are expecting 30-40 Mbps but receiving 6-7 Mbps.  How are you measuring this?  There are different ways and it depends on upload vs. download services and how you measure it?  The bars are hardly an accurate measuring device. 

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