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LTE speeds are extremely poor

I have been a customer since around 2012. Maybe even longer than that. Only until November 2018 did Telkom Mobile drop from its normal LTE speeds to about 10Mbps download and 3Mbps upload. This kinda sucked as I could no longer upload my video streams but at least I could still use the internet without much issues. Then February 2019 came around and for weeks now, I have been getting these speeds. I can barely even open up a website some of the time. 40 Meg update? Oh, that takes 20 minutes to download.


I have never moved residence (Berea, Durban). I have had a contract with Telkom for many years and had no issues that have lasted over a month. I am a qualified network engineer and I know that my setup is not the problem. Especially since I never touched my setup until my speeds suddenly dropped to almost non-existant. It was working fine before that. I have external omni-directional antenna and they don't help. You can tell me that this is normal because of congestion on the network but this isn't even something I can work with anymore. This is so slow that I really have no option other than to switch to another provider. It's unacceptable that we pay for this level of service. It would take me the entire month of constant downloading to download a 20 gig file. Really, I feel ripped off and I feel like I have to jump through hoops just to even get a response from Telkom, which will likely be, it's congestion, try restart your router or something extremely generic that obviously hasn't worked over the last month.


I am not even the only person and I am not in the only area with problems. I beg of you Telkom, I plead with you to do something. Even if it's to tell me you can't do anything about it. At least I will have an answer so I can move to another provider. I truly feel ripped off and it feels awful. I can't even begin to imagine what all these other people must feel who pay more for nothing.

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Re: LTE speeds are extremely poor

Got better speeds with 2g much better with 3g, so whats up

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Hear Hear.   Telkom LTE is an enbarassing service. Telkom...

Hear Hear.


Telkom LTE is an enbarassing service. Telkom appear to totally unconcerned about their poor service. They offer only a token response and have never succeeded in rectifying my low internet speed problems. The "technical" staff are inadequately trained. 


I'm not sure where I'll be going when my contract expires but I know who I'm leaving.



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