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LTE uncapped vs capped



How is it possible for Telkom to be able to offer me a capped LTE 100Gb package at R999 but claim their are no spots available for all uncapped LTE deals. The price thing again boggles at R599-R799 for the same uncapped LTE product? Has anyone ever questioned this?


I do not do P2P.. Just need stable Internet for streaming HD to my new smart tv. So I am also being sold on the idea of Mifi.. Is this a good alternative? ADSL is poor and not stable in my area and no FTTH yet.


Thanks again...

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Re: LTE uncapped vs capped

What do you want to stream?

I think ShowMax if not counted towards your cap if you use their Add On product (Telkom Entertainment or something).

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Re: LTE uncapped vs capped

There is an additional addon for showmax "Ti Entertainment" but more than half of Telkom doesn't seem to know what it is. It does count towards cap just not in the traditional sense, the packages are different I think, but I speak under correction.


You basically get data for Showmax and once the data is finished (happens quickly on LTE) it then starts to count towards your cap - as usual these services are great ideas but poorly run and implemented by Telkom.

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Re: LTE uncapped vs capped

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@mpdjhbNot ShowMax necessarily. Will try smartdnsproxy (apparently unotelly no longer works) to stream Netflix, Hulu, AmazonPrime... So basically any content.. Just got a big 4k smart tv and its using data like crazy lol... Theres many HD channels too which i tried.. ADSL not stable right now... Used to run series off my laptop previously..



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