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LTE upgrade to uncapped.

We changed from our poor ADSL line that never worked and swithed over to LTE modem with a 50gig contract. We innitially wanted a Unlimited contract and was told in the Telkom store in Alberton City that it is not yet available in our residential area (Germiston). 


We tried for the last three months every month to get upgraded to Uncapped LTE, since that is what we wanted innitially, but we where told everytime that we had to wait 3 months before we could upgrade. We where told that once Uncapped was available we would be givin first option to upgrade. JIpee! But that never happened. Now after 3 months of frusrated waiting we went back to the store and was told that "Uncapped has reached its limit in your area", and we cannot apply for it. What the heck!!!! 


When I complain to Telkom support (after holding on for 10-15min), they say I need to speak to the branch again. But they NEVER EVER answer their phones, and twice I asked for a number of a manager I could speak to and both times I got cut off! Speak of bad service!!! Telkom will take the Gold medal with a new WR for bad service!


NOW! ... Who do I speak to, or which shop must I burn down to get some answers?

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Re: LTE upgrade to uncapped.

@Ktsteyn, you have to go into the store. They have call centres for answering calls. The shops are for going into.

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Re: LTE upgrade to uncapped.

Of course I know this! Please don't take me for a fool, but going to the
shop has not resolved our concerns nor has phoning the contact centre. And
phoning the stores to ask them who their manager is doesn't help because
they don't answer. In the end of the day people don't care about 'service'
anymore... Long gone are the days where customer concerns means anything.
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Re: LTE upgrade to uncapped.

Alas, I share your pain... 


I also "upgraded" from ADSL (paid for Telkom 4mb line that never saw more than 2mb speed) to LTE. Wanted Uncapped told, Our basestation is full, so I got 50gb.


Trying to upgrede to Uncapped is a Nightmare...


Good luck in your struggle with Telkom....


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Re: LTE upgrade to uncapped.

I applied online for uncapped in my area, and my bid was accepted and got a ticket number.


I went to the Sandton City store to upgrade, but they told me they cannot help me, since only the call centre deals with specials.


So then I called 081180. THey told me to call 10213. They told me I need to speak to sales, and transferred me.


Sales said I need to speak to upgrades, upgrades transferred me back to sales, and sales back to upgrades again.


Been on the phone for over 45 minutes listening to the absolute worst music ever. Finally got through to the same lady in ugrades. She then called sales from her side, to no avail. Then suddenly she "could not hear me" any more, and put down the phone.


So here I am, ticket number in hand, wanting to upgrade, and nobody seems able to help me.


Does anyone perhaps a contact number of a person who would be able to assist?

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Re: LTE upgrade to uncapped.

How did you upgrade from adsl to lte without beeding to cancel the adsl or getting penalties?
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