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LTE with antenna still not working



So the chaps from Telkom arrived today and put in the LONG awaited antenna.


We are only getting 5mb/s download and 9mb/s upload.  That is correct, upload faster than download.


The advise was to call Telkom LTE and report this so a second team could be sent out to fix it.


I called Telkom LTE and the person refused to assist me.


Can you please advise as to how we can get the 2nd team out without delay, keeping in mind we have been waiting and paying for the service since June.


By the way the closest Telkom Antenna for the LTE is only 2 blocks away!


Please help.



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Re: LTE with antenna still not working

@Michael1, use Twitter (@hellotelkom) or Facebook (telkomsa) to get hold of them.


Bear in mind that signal varies and an antenna is not always a magical cure.  Depending on how the transmitters on towers are positioned and tilted, you might fall on the edge of the cell broadcast no matter how close. I used to get great speeds on HSDPA and now am lucky to get Edge. I was 400m from the tower but fell in a channel between 2 towers.

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Re: LTE with antenna still not working

You are quite correct and currently the antenna is not pointing to the closest mast.


I still need to knjow from someone at Telkom how I arrange for the second team to come out and give it go.

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