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At then end of April Telkom sales people called me offering me LTE. They said I would get 15 GB data and 5 GB data night time surfing. This was the April LTE promotion.


Towards the 20 May my data had run out and when I called Telkom I was told that the deal was for 5 GB data and 5 GB data night time surfing.


Unfortumately I had been misinfomed and would have stayed with ADSL where I had 20 GB data.


When I called Telkom to cancel the LTE I was told to go to the store. At the Telkom store I was toldb that the only way to Cancel the LTE deal is to pay the full 24 month contract.


I told them that I had been misimformed or lied to and that it is not my fault that I did not get what I was offered.


I then enquired about an upgrade to 20 GB and was told to call the call centre.


When I called then the call centre they told me that I had to wait 3 months for migration.


I am tired of Telkom and would like to end my relationship with Telkom by cancelling all services I have.


I am tired of being sent from pillar to post and not reaching a conclussion on anything.


I will definately not be recommending Telkom to anybody.


Nazeem Pather


I told them that I had been misimform

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Hi @nazeempather, I have asked our Online Sales team to investigate this matter for you.

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