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Long story, zero help

Hi there,

I have had an extreme frustrating time dealing with Telkom over the last couple of weeks and really feel that I should be compensated with a small compromise from Telkom to adjust my LTE data package from 10 to 30 GB regardless of rules and regulations as I don't think I should have to compromise for being incorrectly informed and ignore by your uninformed and reluctant call centre staff.

Herewith my story...

About two weeks ago I received numerous phone calls from a call centre selling Telkom products, the call centre agent and I had a long discussion as I was unsure of how much data I should subscribe to. I decided to start with the special offer of 10 Gb after she assured me that I could upgrade to more date at any stage, this call was recorded.

I received and sums with a reference number and a contact number to contact if I had any queries, I immediately tried to contact them on the same day as I felt I should just start with 30 GB as I would love to do the Apple TV Showmax thing.

The number supplied in the confirmation sums was apparently not correct and call centre agents started sending me on a wild goose chase supplying numourous conflicting numbers and advice that was extremely frustrating, time consuming and costly! I then decided to contact Telkom via Twitter in furious state only to be told for a duration of more that a week that a sales consultant will contact me to assist, 10 days later and still ZERO assistance. In the meantime I received the router as writhing the 10 day lead time it was impossible to cancel or adjust package as all agents were incapable or uninterested in assisting and after finally getting through to someone, she confirmed that I can only adjust the package after three months!

This was a surprise as of course the person that offered me this contract informed me otherwise, which means that she told me whatever I wanted to hear to sell the product and there after made it impossible for me to contact her! Yesterday after receiving the device and news of the 3 month wait period I then insisted that the supervisor contact me and am still waiting?! This could all have been prevented if the service as followed through from the start and staff were trained to supply customers with the true info!

I was furious and wanted to return the product but am afraid that I would be debited regardless as Telkom is notorious for debiting ones account long after services were cancelled. This process took the joy out of receiving a great product as the service was shocking, non existent and just **bleep** overall! I feel that as a customer I was misguided and ignored and that the least Telkom can do is to adjust my contract regardless of the 3 month waiting period as the entire process to adjust this was costly time and money wise and also exhausting in every way!

Hope to hear from you soon and really hope we can resolve this!

Thanking you have n advance,

Leana Schoeman

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Re: Long story, zero help

@Leana, I sense the frustration, but the Community is not a Service Channel, rather for peer 2 peer support. That said, I have directed this to the Twitter team to follow up. I hope they can help

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Re: Long story, zero help

Apologies for that, just an the end of my wits with this and I am not holding my breath as the Twitter team has been promising to assist for weeks with no actual action! So many communication channels with zero actual conversation! It's useless really...

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