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Lost signal to area

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Hi there, 


Wonder if anyone has any recourse or route one can take other than the call generic center guys? I'm a techie and the moment I start talking technical they understandably dont know what I'm talking about.


5 days ago we lost signal to our entire area, around 10 square kms. I've driven around with 3 different Telkom simcards in 3 different devices and plotted the signal. We've always had moderate signal to the entire neighourhood. Good enough for me to sign a data contract 2 months ago.


As of Friday, signal dropped to nothing. Vodacom, MTN and CellC is as normal. 


The prepaid Telkom simcards try hop onto MTN for roaming, but my Contract LTE simcard seems it doesnt allow that. 


Perhaps theres a tower down in the area? Just looking for a reason before I loose my mind.

Posts: 3

Re: Lost signal to area

Guessing no-one gives a continental? 
Murphys Law this happens a month after signing a 2 year LTE contract Smiley Sad

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