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Lte broken?

I've had lte for 2 years and this is the 1st time I've been getting such crappy speeds I've been getting 0.2 download and 0.1 upload with 1000 ping its been 6 days and still not fixed all of telkom support is useless
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Re: Lte broken?

Telkom has become a very terrible isp, ive had had my contract with them since 2016 when i got the huawei b315 router smartbroadband 30gb, for the past 2 weeks the internet connect has been giving me much problems, my router kept changing colours and i kept on losing connection, i factory resetedit about 15 times but nothing happend, i went to the telkom branch in eastgate and they told me it is a sim card probelm, they did a sim swop and said that will fix the problem, it didnt, the problem remained the same. i went back and they checked my account info and did diagnosing of the device but still nothing, they were completely lost, and the only resolution they said was the one i told them about that they thought was the answer, and it was the upgrade i was due for. I have lost alot of data because of this disruption that telkom will never reiburse me for even though they are to blame. so i then upgraded my contract to the huawei b618 router 120 gig special, so now they told me this router is the best in the market but the signal strength is still slow, i use 3g and the time i used 3g on my old router which was the b315 it was relatively fast, but the internet still disconnects and connects. I am really appalled by telko and i called the call centre asking if there was any internet connection or network coverage problem within my area which is Eastbank, Alexandra township, and they said no but i am still experiencing internet problems. I was a mistake upgrading my contract at this point cause there is just negligence and ignorance on telkoms end.

Posts: 3

Re: Lte broken?

Same with me I'm in Durban and some parts of Durban have proper connection and my area doesnt have but it show I have coverage
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