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Lte speed

We are in Doonside Amanzimtoti. Our Telkom service war 100% before, now the maximum speed is less than 1, if we're lycky we get 2. This is not enough to do anything. No support from call centre
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Re: Lte speed

I have the same problem here in Port Elizabeth. I have videos that I used to show off my LTE speeds. It was always over 90mbps.

Then is started to drop to around 40mbps and from a month ago I can only get about 12mbps.

Today is the worse ever. I got 2.4mbps. Really Telkom????? what the heck man!!!!!!!


The problem is that it is not only Telkom. I got myself a Rain sim. The closest Rain tower is 300m from my home and I have NEVER got any speed faster than 5mbps and that's even with an ouside antenna.


These ISP take us all for a ride. Don't you also think that it's time we get Carte Blanche in to investigate what is going on ?

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