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Mo nice 5GB monthly limit?

I have been the mo nice 5Gb night bundle. Until about 2 weeks ago. I started getting this message every time I tried to purchase one :


Unable to provision, maximum Opt-Ins have been reached for the Opt-In period. (2 per CAMPAIGN).


What does that mean? I can only buy the Night bundle twice every month now?? I tried calling customer service, and each one tells me a different thing - telkom Mo nice is down, try tomorrow , or Mo nice is working try again in an hour or You need to have qualified for benefits to use No nice, including the 500Gb one...


I tried chatting with an agent just now online and I was disconnected after I was left more confused..


What is going on, is anyone else having this message and or is it now that we are getting 5Gb twice every month now?

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Re: Mo nice 5GB monthly limit?

Hi @Emolederc


I don't use it, but sounds like Telkom system problems - if still battling you might find info on this link useful:




Hope this helps.

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Re: Mo nice 5GB monthly limit?

and this thread more to the point - 




Please let us know if any joy , might  help others battling.



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