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Moving house with fixed wireless broadband

I have what I believe is fixed wireless broadband. It is LTE with a Huawei router. Uncapped. I am moving to a new home this weekend and I need to make sure that my service will remain working in the new area.


I called the call centre and after 25 minutes they can't confirm anything for me.


Does anyone know if this will be the case?

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Re: Moving house with fixed wireless broadband

There is a coverage map on Telkom's website that is somewhat inacccurate. If you do not ave coverage in the new area you can buy a LTE antenna which helps tremendously.

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Re: Moving house with fixed wireless broadband

Thanks but unfortunately coverage is not the issue. There is full LTE at my new place. My existing SIM just won't connect to it. I have since taken out a new contract (exactly the same package) which does work. Now I need to figure out which one to cancel.
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