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My line speed is not what Telkom told me it was

i recently took out a uncapped lte package by telkom of R899 a month and a line speed of 10megs was promised.  when i do a speed test i only get 2 megs and under. This is very upsetting because im paying for a service that i am not getting from telkom. The reason i took out this package was because i want to stream netflix and dstv now.  when i go on these sights i get heavy lags and sometimes the movies  wont even play.  i logged a fault with the call centre and its been almost a month and the issue is not resolved.  i obviously cant cancel the contract now because i will have to pay alot of penalties and wouldnt be worthit to cancel... all i want is just the 10megs line speed i was promised. i have did all the checks, test and configurations on my router and on the web app the result is still the same.  please advise as to what i can do to solve the problem.

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Re: My line speed is not what Telkom told me it was

The same with me here, i also took out the uncapped All hours deal of R899 + Huawei B252 router with telkom and was promissed 10mbps for the first 150gig and threreafter 50gig at 4mbps and the rest of the month 2mbps till the new month, then the cycle just starts over. I took out this contract not too long ago October2018 i think, sinse then ive never seen my LTE speed more than 1mbps and thats to say if im the only one connected to the wifi router, if the rest of my family members are connected at the same time which is 4 in total including myself than you can forget waching a youtube or even stream a movie I done many speed test already and 95% of the time it shows in 0.23mbps - 0.40mbps. I recently spoke to to a telkom agent which advised me to set the connection on the router to 4g only which i did but still the same. Im no pro but this cant be right something is clearly wrong here it feels like i was lied to, one thing certain if this is not corrected any time soon this is the last time i deal with telkom. 


Telkom could you please advise i would like to receive what im paying for. 


R899 X 24 = R21576 for less than 1mbps???


see attached test done just now.




Capture 2019-01-02.PNG





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Re: My line speed is not what Telkom told me it was

[ Edited ]

Don't use the speed test on its own, and don't use unofficial speed testers which give inaccuarte reading.


Use this site to do your test:  http://telkom-saix.speedtestcustom.com/


Also you test must be to a single PC with all other devices and wifi disabled, so unplugg all the other computers and turn off the wifi to get an accurate reading.


Also log into your router and check the speed reported there as well (tried to upload a pic, but this obviously doesn't work either.) so check that the downstream and upstream figures match what you are paying for. if they are low, demand a refund for the period you have been paying for. in my case I spent 4 years paying for a 10mbps line but was only given a 6mbps line.




see red dots

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