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NO LTE but still hellkom steals my money

I've tried every possible avenue known to man. Customer 'support', both online chat, email and phone for more than 18 months to get hellkom to resolve the crappy service for which they steal 1000 per month from me. I tweeted, I posted on forums. Today even my 1Mbps (if I'm lucky) LTE is gone. I'm not even interested anymore about what the problem might be.  All I want to know is how it is possible that a company can legally steal money from people (I'm sure I'm not the only one) and continue to get away with it? HTF?

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Re: NO LTE but still hellkom steals my money

Can we maybe get Carte Blanche involved in this?


I have had LTE problem for some time now and recently no LTE service at all. The service centre does not listen at all not even to requests for escalations.


Initial SLA 48 hours, later 9 days and not it has been escalated to a nother department. Each to to COVER THEIR **bleep**. We need to nail them to the wall.

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Re: NO LTE but still hellkom steals my money

I’m fed up with these thief’s. I’ve moved to another country and cancelled my contract 9 months ago. After a number of costly phones calls and emails the incompetent people at Telkom has still not cancelled my contract. If I can give anybody advice, stay away from Telkom. They might be cheaper than other service providers but when you want to cancel your services they steal your money and have zero customer service. Telkom is the worst company I’ve ever encountered I can’t not wrap my head around how incompetent their staff is and how they can continue to steal my money after I’ve sent through my cancellation form 7 times and after I’ve spoken to a number of call centre agents where they promised that the services will be cancelled. Even if they wake up some day and cancel my service I will never get my money back from them. Pathetic!!


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