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New Integrated Sim : Telkom unable to activate

I have a new Integrated Sim and although I can see it linked to my TI Mobile account, it will not connect to the TelkomInternet APN. I have even tried to buy data to prompt the process and now have the FreeMe 500G credit, but cannot use it!  Numerous calls have been unsuccessful, have been pushed between Fixed Line and Mobile, no luck!  Help desk confirms everything looks fine, went through the APN selection steps many times, still no luck. It is certainly a config issue on the Telkom side, as my lost SIM worked well.  This SIM account was suspended as the Local Telkom Shop was unable to do a SIM Swop - which was the most logical option, but with Telkom nothing seems logical! Latest escalation number at 10210 help desk is 4111628, if anyone at Telkom can and wants to help. 

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