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New application

I went to a store where I wanted to take out Wi-Fi for my son.was told that they were offline and that Telkom would contact me in about 3 days.i went back to the store 4 days later to find out what's going on,was told sorry they can't get my papers and that we had to do it again.filled in papers again and was told to come back in a hours time.did that and on my return again I could not get a answer I left the store very upset.then about 3 weeks later a agent came to our offices and I told him what I thought of Telkom and that I would rather go to mweb for service.he said no don't he will sort it out and again all my particulars were taken.2 months later still no reply.can someone tell why I can't get Wi-Fi router or just a reason would do
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Re: New application

Hi @Adriaan01, sorry for the experience so far. Why not apply online? We have LTE Uncapped as a June Deal of the Month. - otherwise take a look at our other LTE packages -



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