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New contract fraudulently added to my account



I am no stranger to Telkom's poor custmer service ethic so it's hardly surprising that I am posting here again.


On the 4th of October 2017, upon revceiving my latest Telkom invoice, I was surprised to find that an aditional 20Gig LTE contract had been added to my account with an additional charge of over R900.00 

I promptly called the call centre and was told to go to a store for assistance, which I did.


On making it to the counter at the Centurion Mall store, I was told to first go to a police station to get an affidavit before they could assist!

Be that as it may, why was this not communicated to me when I called the call centre??? So, wasting even more of my day, fuel and parking costs, I returned with the affidavit and a case was logged - Ref 21432160


It is now close to the end of the month and I am yet to obtain any feedback on this issue.


It was also interesting to me that the additional LTE contract belongs to someone who has the same first name as myself.


This issue of Telkom's making has already costed me half a day just to log a case, and most likely the additional R900+ I have to pay with the next debit order and very likely yet another invoice reflecting the higher amount which I will have to pay for! 


Really Telkom? Is this how customer service operates in this country? Screw the victim instead of solving a problem which you allowed in the first place? Will I have to go through the Consumer Council AGAIN (I won the previous issue and was compensated) to win this one because you lack accountibility? 

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Re: New contract fraudulently added to my account

I have exactly the same problem.  I cell number that doesn't even exist has been added to my account which they now want payment from me.


I reported it and have a case number but to date they have not responded to my problem or even acknowledged receipt of my query.


I am not willingh to pay for something that doesn't exist and I have also not given permission for any such transacton.  The just totally ignore all requests I have send them.

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Re: New contract fraudulently added to my account

The same thing has happended to me, now for the SECOND time!


In September 2017 Telkom added two new accounts to my name. That is when I decided I will stop all dealings with Telkom as soon as my current contracts were done.The matter was resolved, but in November 2018 yet another fraudulent account was opened in my name...after I have cancelled all of my accounts with Telkom. I only discovered this when I received a statement in the post at the end of December 2018; so no one even e-mailed or phoned me to confirm the new contract. And what service do you expect at the end of December?


Does Telkom not have proper procedures in checking when they open accounts? Don't they ask for your signatures or IDs or some sort of verification? But when you want to say that you didn't open an account, then suddenly they require a police affidavit, a proof of address (no older than 3 months) and a certified copy of ID (no older than 3 months).


My fraud case has been logged at Telkom, but Telkom still insists on deducting the money from my account while they investigate... apparently these investigations can go on for months. So while Telkom still gets their fraudulent money, I can't buy groceries. Thanks Telkom!


I'm doing my best to get Telkom's filthy hands off of my details. Once I am finally free of them, they will never see me as a client again.

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Re: New contract fraudulently added to my account

Hi there, please can we ask that you join our Facebook group "Telkom Fraud Cases" and repost what you posted here? We want to get as many people as possible there so that we can take this matter to Gerrie Nel, Afriforum and Carte Blanche. I have also contacted someone at the National Intelligence Agency to assist with this matter. I will put updates on the Facebook group.

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Re: New contract fraudulently added to my account

[ Edited ]

It is alleged that Bakies fraudulently linked victims’ cellphone numbers to multiple iPhones owned by him, using them to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) security measures to access victims’ online accounts, including Google and cryptocurrency platforms. Among those, he managed to access 18 online accounts belonging to three Manhattan-based victims and stole about $10,000 in cryptos. He also attempted to extort one of the victims by demanding a bitcoin ransom, according to the Attorney’s Office. Redtube Beeg Spankbang

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