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New contract not activated

I applied for an uncapped broadband contract on the 25 of November. I received the device on the 29th and it has not been activated dispite numerous calls for help to telkom mobile and telkom sales. Everytime I am told to call in the next day. I feel 24 months @799 is too long to experience such bad service.

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Re: New contract not activated

howzit. i would suggest that you contact @HelloTelkom on twitter. they might be able to direct your query to the correct channels.

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Re: New contract not activated

That, or you could go to the Telkom store.

Are you sure it hasn't been activated yet? Perhaps it is but the area you're in doesn't fall within the LTE Uncapped coverage zone.
Apparently there's a difference between LTE coverage zones and Uncapped LTE coverage zones.
Just check and make sure in the store or via the website coverage maps (which aren't even updated). Would hate to find out you'd been getting billed and not even receiving any service for it.
Best of luck
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