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No Feedback delivery on R799 LTE order



We ordered this product and we have not heard from Telkom. The 2 weeks has passed and there is no way to follow up on the order other than by calling 10213. Dialling this number is a nightmare (im typing this while waiting so the time is counting up Smiley Sad




Please can someone call me? Our ticket number is 050616-103434 (you can get the contact number from the ticket number, i hope?)


Why dont you guys have a call back option like you had years ago on ADSL? People dont have time to wait for an agent hoping to be helped when they get connected. If customers dont get the help they want after an hour then it wont help your Net Promoter Score. Just a thought Smiley Wink


Im dropping the call now..this is getting ridiculous.



Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: No Feedback delivery on R799 LTE order

Hi @makapakahave directed your query to Online Sales, lets have them call you back rather Smiley Happy

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Re: No Feedback delivery on R799 LTE order

Hey AW


I got the the call back Smiley LOL


Order to be processed tomorrow (apparently shortage of outside antennas) and hopefully i'll receive my package in next week...


Will keep you posted, thanks...

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