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No LTE\3G signal

The story is ongoing and it will never end, so let's recap, Applied for Unlimited LTE in Jan 2016, eventually with much frustration I did DIY installation myself and managed to connect without any hassle.Amazing speed and great latency. However the joy soon ended and without explanation the LTE signal would dissappear  and only reappear at the start of the new month. February, March and April this continued with multiple calls to 081180 with the usual response. In May on case number 19048897 I finally managed to get a sub contractor to visit my house, only to be told that the installation is all good but the problem is with the allocated tower. Again the signal returned for a week and again the signal disappeared until the end of May with a repeat performance in June, July, August and September. I even tried reporting it on a different case number 19574633, this was a joke because the non existing technition kept closing the case and if that happens you are in trouble because you have to start from scratch again. However I digress, back to case number 19048897. The LTE signal has not returned since the 10/09/2016 the poor call center staff keep on sending emails to the elusive technician, who promises to call every afternoon. Now the story turns with a twist, we have a power outage in the area and as my property has standby power, I suddenly notice that my LTE router is fully operational and that I have LTE speed up to 56 MBs and all is well until the power returned and once again we were down to nothing. Again we had had a power outage and again we had full internet high speed connection.  So the next time we have an outage, I go to the tower at -29.777656, 30.851850 Base station ID: eER_3553 only to find that it also has standby power. Logic dictates that this tower only operates correctly on standby power. I have reported this to the call center on a daily basis and the elusive technician once again will contact me every afternoon on a daily basis. 


I have now logged a disput with the accounts dept (case number19719767) and will not pay a further cent towards a non existing service. Please do not respond to this post unless you are 100 % confident that your influence can resolve this issue

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Re: No LTE\3G signal

A year and a half later and I have a similar problem in the Port Elizabeth area.


4G randomly drops to 3G and call centre only want to run through the usual reboot story and the more I insist that it has to be the signal from the tower that is the problem, the less they seem to know what to do.  Cases get opened and then closed without consulting me.


Did you ever find a permanent fix to the problem?


I know the tower that we draw from but how did you find out the base station ID?




M a r k

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Re: No LTE\3G signal

Hi Mark

I eventually submitted to defeat. I let the contract run it's course and
cancelled 30 days before expiry date, 3 months after cancellation I am
still having to put a stop on the debit order, and try to get my money out
of Telkom. I changed to fibre with Axxess and what a pleasure it has been.

Christo Botha
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za, Cell:0823756502, John1:16

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