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No LTE signal in LTE area


I purchased an LTE contract yesterday.   I was assured that there is full coverage in my area for both 3G and LTE.   I signed up because I receive such rotten service from my ADSL connection, but this is WORSE.   The best download speed I encounter is 6Mb/sec, average is around 3Mb/sec, and it drops to below 1Mb/sec.

My E5186S router shows only a 3G signal, not LTE.   I have tried the router all over my home and cannot improve the bandwidth.

What's next?  Telkom promised LTE.  I don't want the service if I can't get decent bandwidth.   Do I need to cancel the contract and return the router?

Do you need my account details or address?

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Re: No LTE signal in LTE area

howzit @Turckfg no telkom reps here, just us peeps man. @HelloTelkom on twitter should be able to answer your questions or take your cancel query further. have you tried connecting an antenna to your router to see if there's any improvement?

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