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No follow up on LTE uncapped application



From 12 Nov 2015 to 21 Nov 2015 I sent an SMS "LTE bid" to 43481 every day. Every time I received an automated response that a Telkom rep would contact me within 24 hours.


To date - 3 December 2015 - the said rep has yet to contact me. Telkom should not advertise products they do not want sold. Smiley Sad


Can someone from Telkom provide me with some feedback please.




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Re: No follow up on LTE uncapped application

Hi @wernervn


this is not a service channel, but check out the site and fill in your details on the form at the bottom of the pages




To follow up, check out our service channels - How To Get Help

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Re: No follow up on LTE uncapped application

I applied via the online portal 16 November. Nobody has contacted me and nobody is able to help me. Saying its a third party and they need to contact me. Which they didnt and dont.. Please assist?


Reference Number #161115-113103

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Re: No follow up on LTE uncapped application

My first step was to complete the online form at the bottom of the page, as advised by the staff on 10213 when my call was eventually answered. It was only when I didn't get a response from filling in the form that I started sending the SMS's - 5 days later Smiley Sad

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Re: No follow up on LTE uncapped application

So far  this community forum seems like nothing more than a place to vent one's frustration with Telkom. "Hey you won't get service, but maybe you'll feel better if you tell everyone how poor Telkom's service is".


**bleep** waste of time. Calling 10213 is no help, and trying to start an online chat with a Telkom agent doesn't even load the chat page. Even though the chat page is launched from a dropdown that only accepts landline or mobile options - nothing for LTE.


Cheers guys - enjoy the rants Smiley Mad

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