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No internet on LTE broadband

Since about 7.30pm 26/9 I lost internet on my connection. Rebooted device, removed an fitted sim. Unplugged for a time...nothing works. Device connects just fine...i just don't have any internet. Any ideas? Anyone else have issues?
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Re: No internet on LTE broadband

I've had multiple problems over the last 2 weeks, and were off most of the day today, while my business was running month-end.


When you log faults over the chat line, they tell you to reset and reboot the router - a clear indication that they're working on the LTE network, but, they won't admit it - also, I have done 3 chats to log faults today, but, they would start a chat and eventually not talk to you anymore, also not ending a chat, so, you don't get a reference nr...and that way they keep the stats down - it doesn't look as if any LTE faults is being logged.


They're currently going around at all businesses in Hout Bay, trying to move them onto LTE or VOLTE - don't go for it - it is as slow and as intermittent as ADSL - wait for Fibre.

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Re: No internet on LTE broadband

Hi @JBernardM@EBBergman,


Sorry to see this , horribly frustrating not getting proper feedback. 


We can’t help much with service issues as we’re customers in the forum - but if you’re still battling try logging a fault online https://apps.telkom.co.za/assurance/public/logafault


Then send a detailed message to a Telkom media support team with email cc to support@telkom.co.za  for decent feedback & results.


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:     @telkomza 


Hope this helps. Good luck,  please keep us posted.

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