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Open ports when roaming

I have some devices connected to a router which connects to the internet via a Huawei E153 3G modem. I have set up Dynamic DNS and port forwarding on the router and the DNS is updating the ip address. I cannot access my CCTV etc. My area is  not within a Telkom tower, thus it is using the MTN network.

I understood that all ports are open via Telkom mobile but is this still true when being routed through the MTN network. I have not been able to get a definitive answer from Telkom mobile and am sure that this question must have been posed before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have purchased the "all networks" option on pre paid data.

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Re: Open ports when roaming

If you put the camera in the router's DMZ temporarily can you now view the camera from your your cell phone?

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Re: Open ports when roaming

I have not tried that as i was unsure which application I needed to load on my phone. I also only use a small screen phone as others don't fit in my pocket. My main push has been to communicate through computers. 

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Re: Open ports when roaming

I had hoped for an answer from Telkom's technical service department via this community site as surely they are in the best position to answer. Prior to the original post I did telephone the technical support help but their consultant did not appear to understand the question.

Does someone have a suggestion as to who might be able to answer the question about open ports when routed through MTN.

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Re: Open ports when roaming

@haphazard, Community is peer 2 peer. Telkom is not manning it with technical agents. just us members helping each other.


Are your CCTV cameras fixed, or could you move 1 along with your router to a Telkom tower covered area and test if it does indeed also work via Telkom network?

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Re: Open ports when roaming

Hi, After having same situation where line service out for over 6 weeks (usual these days from Telkom) and so no ADSL to access my CCTV. I was told to get the SIM linked to ADSL data and a 3G dongle.

I had all the right ports opened because I already had a DYNDNS service setup for ADSL. Just couldnt get access to my CCTV via 3G connection until I tried the DMZ trick. Put in the DVR ip address and it works!! Thanks! If any1 can comment on this and share some knowledge on how this works would really appreciate it. Thanks

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