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Poor Speeds on Telkom LTE Uncapped

Hi All


So we signed up for the Telkom Uncapped LTE in our area and was successful. Everything went very smoothly and I was actually happy. Applied on a Friday and the modem was delivered on Tuesday. Got home and plugged everything up and the light on the modem went blue and internet was active but with one slight problem.


It is "STUPIDILY" slow. 


I went and purchased a new TP Link 4G modem to test and the signal did increase and now with 75% signal this is the speeds I experience at night below :



During the day at times I get up to 5mb/s and the internet sorta works but as we get to later on this is the speeds I get. 


I logged a ticket with Telkom online chat and they called me a few days after the call. They then stated that a technician will come on site to run some tests and speed tests. No one has contacted me since. I called back and was told that the case has been escalated to an incident and it will be resolved asap but still no contact. 


I call into telkom to get an update and get told to be patient. I honestly do not know what to do.


I was going to purchase one of those external 11db antenna's for the outside of my house, hoping that it will solve the terrible speeds I am getting. 


I am not sure what to do anymore. First telkom said they will install fibre for me, then was told they mapped it incorrectly and I do not have it. Then they could not get me a Telkom copper line and now I have this. 


If anyone has any advice i would really appreciate it. 

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Re: Poor Speeds on Telkom LTE Uncapped

Hi, did they not first check coverage in your area?
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Re: Poor Speeds on Telkom LTE Uncapped

Hi.  I am in exactly the same space as you.  Got LTE 40GB package with modem in September,  checked access in my area and all good.  Happy until start of February 2017... Got my IT guy in (home) as I'm not great at this stuff, and he checked everything, re-booted and checked the speed. Its crazy.  Most of the time if fluctuates between 1-2 mbps which is not enough to even down load my e.mails.  I work on global contracts which require me to attend SKYPE meeting.  IMPOSSIBLE.  Logged issue on 9th March. Lady phoned me to check connection on the Sunday and at that time speed was 5 mb, however 2 minutes later dropped back to +/- 2mbps.  Told me a technician will attend to me.  So far I've had 3 SMS's telling me they 'will revert to me within 7 days'  and so it just keeps deferring.  Customer help desk guys was really trying to help, but nothing he could do apparently.  Just how long do I wait, whilst I continue to pay for a service I'm not getting.  If not resolved by end april, I will be cancelling this account, whether the 2 years is up or not as I'm not paying for a service I'm not getting.  My vodocom 3G has saved me during this time, without it I would not be able to work at all....but I have to pay a premium to purchase additional DATA (on top of the Data already paid for but not able to use with Telkom).  At this rate, I most definately will not be recommending TELKOM to anyone.... Service so far is %^$#.  

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Re: Poor Speeds on Telkom LTE Uncapped

Hi @GeekAmzo, please email your details to hso@telkom.co.za to arrange a site visit. They will look into the feasibility of an external antenna.

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Re: Poor Speeds on Telkom LTE Uncapped

They checked online and did not send anyone to site to do any tests.


They sent me a sms to state they still looking at it and it has been escalated but I guess they do that just so I do not contact them as there seems to be no assistance. 

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Re: Poor Speeds on Telkom LTE Uncapped

I am in the exact same position. 


I was thinking of just going and purchasing an external outdoor antenna and seeing if that works. 


Telkom is not getting back to me with escalation or cancellation. So much for them and trying to improve service delivery. 

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Re: Poor Speeds on Telkom LTE Uncapped



I have emailed them with no response or even acknowledgement. 

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Re: Poor Speeds on Telkom LTE Uncapped



I have taken your advise and its been a week since i emailed and not even a response from them. 

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Re: Poor Speeds on Telkom LTE Uncapped

@GeekAmzo you will probably not get any response. I've been sitting with this problem since day 1 of my 2 year contract. Logged several call, all of which was closed with no resolution. The latest has been open since DEC2016. They repeatedly want to send a tech to test during office hours but this is the time when there is no problem, when I want to use it after hours it is like using a 128K dailup. The speed get throttled due to over subscribed towers. I provided the speed tests over and over and the one tech that visited my home actually admitted that there is a problem with the towers but nothing is being done. And very month they steal my money. Their response is that they do not work after hours so basically my problem is not their problem.


I tried hello peter, twitter, this forum and every conceivable number available.  

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Re: Poor Speeds on Telkom LTE Uncapped

That sucks. I feel for you.


My problem is all the time with night time being little bit worse. 


I was going to just purchase the external antenna but was told it would be supplied. They have escalated my issue to the network division who just sms's every 7 days saying they working on it and will get back to me in 7 days. 


They have now sent me a cancellation form upon request. Feel that might be the best option. 

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