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Poor network signal


I have been trying to get Telkom to help me find as solution to my network signal problem , but they just keep closing the cases without doing anything , I have very poor or almost no network reception at my home , but on my road signal is fine , is there any way I could get a signal booster or something .I sometimes do use roaming but that's until my all network data is finished , I am unable to use my "Telkom" data , there is no reason me continuing my cellphone contract if Telkom can't provide the basic service of network reception.

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Re: Poor network signal

Hi AkashRampal


Depending on the 3G/LTE Router you are using, there are antenna's that can be purchased to boost your signal strength in relation to nearest tower.

You can also wait...... on Telkom to offer a solution.....

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Re: Poor network signal

My current device is my cell phone , Huawei p10 lite 

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Re: Poor network signal

As of January 2019 the overall signal of Telkom has been degrading to a point that im unable to phone anyone and have a conversasion, what is happening this never used to be a issue and is getting worse by the day.  And its not limited to my area or phone all my telkom mobile phones are having the same issue no matter where the caller or receiver is

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