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Prepaid data

what's the easiest way to buy more data on a prepaid data sim for my router? This process of putting a sim in a phone to load airtime and buy data is really cumbersome.

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Re: Prepaid data

Not sure who you bank with, but with FNB I can buy data from Internet Banking and send it to a cell number. It automatically loads it to my SIM without having to put it into a phone or anything.

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Re: Prepaid data

If you have a credit card, you can login on the Telkom website, link your prepaid number from your modem, and buy data.


Easiest way to find out what your prepaid number in your router is, is to:

  • Put the SIM card in your cellphone and send a please call me to someone (*140*number#);
  • or dial *1#. ('MSISDN' is your cell number).
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