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Ps4 Type 3 Nat

Hi everyone. Ever since we've been upgraded to LTE I've been getting type 3 NAT on my ps4. I've tried Putting my PS4 IP into DMZ but it doesn't seem to change anything. I sometimes get type 2 NAT but that's only till the next reset of my ps4.

Has anyone with LTE managed to sort the issue?.
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Re: Ps4 Type 3 Nat

Hi Cammy 848


Please see my post regarding Telkom NAT'ing consumer connections.




based on feedback from other users, I suspect that Xbox needs unrestricted inbound access



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Re: Ps4 Type 3 Nat

Thank you so much bro. This NAT thing was driving me crazy. I've tried everything from DNA to port forwarding. Changing the APN was the last thing on my mind, thanks again bro.
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