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Question about SmartBroadband Wireless Uncapped Packages



I recently moved to a new home and apparently my ADSL line can not be moved to the new address because basicly the lines in the area have been stolen and is not going to be replaced.


I was advised to look at the SmartBroadband Wireless Uncapped option. I'm looking at the Business Plan because money is tight and the cost is the same as the 4Mbps ADSL line we had.


My question is : On the Business Plan it says unlimited access between 12am - 5pm. So what happens between 5pm - 11pm. Do you have no access, throttled access, ..............?


Also by unlimited access are they talking about the - 150GB @ 10Mbps, 50GB @ 4Mbps, 2Mbps thereafter, or is that for the 5pm-11pm timeslot?


Thanks for any answers that will shed some light on this subject


Good Day to All

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