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Re: R799 LTE deal (Please Assist)

Hi Guys.


I have a similar issue:


On the 24th of June I applied for the LTE uncapped option (R799) and received a message with a ticket number (# 240616-152556). I was supposed to receive a call from a consultant and actually did, 3 times.


However, every time I was put on hold after being told to wait to see whether I qualify and every time after holding for 10 minutes I was told "the system is offline". This happened 3 times and unfortunately I never got past that process.


My ADSL is dreadfully slow and I would really like a proper connection at home. Please assist if possible.

Posts: 3

Re: R799 LTE deal (Please Assist)

Just to let everyone know, my LTE has been delivered and is performing beautifully! Now just to get the technician out to install the antenna Smiley Happy

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