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Re: LTE special

@Jacota they dont have a 40gb package. I have never seen that option. They have 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100Gb and all have the corresponding Nightsurfer amount. You also will never get 100mbps. All internet, ADSl and Cellular alike are best effort, especially cellular. I have seen lab tests of the various SA providers around 60 - 70mbps peak speeds. That would be in really good signal area with low contention. Have you reported a fault yet?

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Re: LTE special

Not true, it was a special package offered that was the night owl and day combined as a package at 40GB anytime I would nit sign a contract with 20GB night and day seperate and even 10 or 20mb speed would be great.
Now its worse tan the Vodacom 3G network
Have you tried reporting a problem.... Its a big problem !!!

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