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Re: Remote desktop connection to home PC fails.

@crazy_jack you are a rockstar!


I live on consoles and Telkom made my life hell, leaving me in the dust.

On my third Telkom LTE contract as I dont need more data and speed is good - for work only.

But with stunts like this I am seriously considering paying a bit more and going fibre (not Telkom as ISP) which is in our area ...



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Re: Remote desktop connection to home PC fails.

Hi crazy_jack,


Thanks a million for this workaround. I've been trying to access my cpanel and webmail hosted services with no luck as the IP address kep on changing and session expired seconds after logging on. It's been a frustration for almost a year now trying to figure out what the solution could be. I called Telkom's customer service a multiple times until I gave up as they could not offer a solution.


Setting the APN to "unrestricted" works like a charm.


Thank you!



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Re: Remote desktop connection to home PC fails.

Hi lesibakola


Thank you for giving us your feedback and happy days for finding this forum thread.


More than 5 years ago Vodacom enforced NAT'ing and this is how I ended up giving the APN change a try. But the difference is that Vodacom made you pen fill a paper and fax it back to them.


All the best



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