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S.O.S!!! Stuck in the middle of nowhere. Need Help!



I recently got my B525 LTE router with my Telkom Sim, everything worked fine, up until last week. My router is unable to connect to the 4G or 1800mhz band.


I get a failed notice when i try.


The only band i can connect to is 2300mhz, however the connection drops every 5 min and i get speeds of 1-2mbps down and 0.1-0.5mbps up.


I get full bars on my router with the internal antenna's


Also not sure what it means, but when i log into my router, it shows 4G+ under the full bars


Things i've tried:

Removed the Sim, placed it in my phone

Factory reset my router

Changed my DNS between Google and Cloudflare

Changed the channel on my 2.4ghz frequency.

Moved the router from room to room.

Changed my APN to TelkomInternet

Checked my device information, everything is above board. (RSRQ, RSRP, RSSI and SINR)


Can someone please assist me.


Dont see the need for an external antenna if i get full bars and the tower is less than 200mtres away from my house (i might be wrong)


PS: I'm not a techie at all



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