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Secondary device for Wi-Fi

I have just suscribed to a 24 month 1GB Smart Internet package - sim only, no modem - which also includes the free 10GB monthly wi-fi allocation.


This sim is primarily used in My Samsung Tablet and is working fine when connecting to a wi-fi hotspot via 1 Telkom Connect. I am however unable to connect to the same wi-fi when using my Laptop.


I have contacted the Telkom Online Helpline on a number of occasions and checked their website as to how to add a secondary device but without any success.


Can any of you clever guys out there help me with this. I specificaaly subscribed to this package so that I could interchange between my tablet and laptop.

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Re: Secondary device for Wi-Fi

1st get your mac adress on the device. Register your sim on the telkommobile site , scroll dwon to wifi and add the device mac adress. If you login at a hotspot remember to login on TELKOM GUEST. 

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Re: Secondary device for Wi-Fi

Ammie, thankyou for your reply.


I have followed your advice by retieving the MAC address and registering the the sim on the Telkom website but am unable to see where I must input these details. The Manage Subscriptions section seems to be the correct option but it does not have any field for the MAC address details.  Can you please help me with this.

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Re: Secondary device for Wi-Fi


Please see below, you need to login to your account on Telkom site. Click manage subscriptions, select number from dropdown list, and fetch. Scroll all the way down to Set Wi-Fi Password. You can now enter your password. Connect using EAP-PEAP authentication (username and password)




MAC authentication has been replaced by EAP-PEAP authentication. Telkom mobile Subscribers will be able to use EAP-PEAP authentication to connect to Telkom’s Wi-Fi or connect two devices to the unlimited WI-FI VAS bundle.


Kind regards

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